Michael Husted June Gallery 41 Exhibition Michael Husted - Other Facets Sculpture and Painting Exhibition
Carol Sunderwirth - Owego Bridge Carol Sunderwirth - Owego Bridge
Carol Miller - Greencastle Carol Miller - Greencastle
Brigida DiGenova - Forest Brigida DiGenova - Forest
Ann Laczak - Lavendar Fields Ann Laczak - Lavendar Fields
Johanna_Husband-Blackwolf-fp.jpg Johanna Husband - Black Wolf
Lynn Capani Czebiniak-Dreamweaver Lynn Capani Czebiniak-Dreamweaver
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June Exhibition Artist - Michael Husted

Michael Husted Sculpture

Please join us for guest artist Michael Husted's  “Other Facets: Painting and Sculpture” exhibit opening reception, Friday, June 2nd, 6pm - 8pm.

Michael is a local artist that is also known as the jewelry Designer for Van Horne Jewelers just down the street from Gallery 41.  Jewelry design is only one aspect of Michael’s interest in art.  Drawing, painting and sculpture allow him to step away from the exacting precision demanded by his profession and explore the freedoms offered by these other mediums.

The drive to create seems to be a compulsion allowing him to release many ideas into physical art. Michael says, “I recognized a long time ago that I look at the world differently than most people and since I see it as the job of artists to interpret what they see for others so I try to document my observations.”

Michael's Exhibition show runs through the end of June.  

Michael Husted Painting

June Featured Member Artist - Ann Laczak

Ann Laczak - Felted Songbird

Several years ago, Ann was gifted an embellishing machine. She says she didn’t have a clue what it was used for but lucky for many lovers of her work her curiosity and exploration brought forth beautiful works of felted fiber. Much of her works is made from 100% wool fleece and roving. Ann began to incorporate other fibers and materials such as silk and aluminum.

All of Ann's art uses wet and/or dry needle felting techniques. Ann enjoys creating a canvas using the wet felting technique and then needle felting designs on top of the canvas once it has dried. Enjoying the freedom of abstract designs where the pattern evolves as she creates the felt. A unique aspect of Ann’s work is to create realistic art that requires the use intricate shading techniques.  

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