Upstate New York's Beasts In Residence Show Johanna Husband and Jodie Mangor
Carol Sunderwirth - Owego Bridge Carol Sunderwirth - Owego Bridge
Carol Miller - Greencastle Carol Miller - Greencastle
Brigida DiGenova - Forest Brigida DiGenova - Forest
Ann Laczak - Lavendar Fields Ann Laczak - Lavendar Fields
Johanna_Husband-Blackwolf-fp.jpg Johanna Husband - Black Wolf
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Gallery Forty-One presents the May Exhibition Room Show featuring artists Johanna Husband and Jodie Mangor with the cleverly named, “Upstate New York’s Beasts in Residence” May 6 th – 31 st . The show will open with a reception Friday, May 6th from 6:00 - 8:00PM in conjunction

Upstate New York's Beasts in Residence Show at Gallery Forty-One

Jodie and Johanna are good friends who share a love of nature and art. After doing some separate artistic explorations, they converged upon the theme of upstate New York wildlife.  Painting separately, and communicating loosely, Johanna and Jodie covered a wide range of creatures. Jodie painted with oils on canvas.  Johanna used watercolor on paper. Jodie’s work is more relaxed and painterly than Johanna’s, with soft, visible brush strokes. Johanna tends to put the viewers eye right where she wants it with tight detail.

Johanna has spent twelve years working as an illustrator in the world of children’s book and
magazine publishing.  Johanna takes joy in detail, color, and character. Often she creates a series to get across a narrative or a small-moment happening. She works in pencil, watercolors, gouache, and ink on paper.  Johanna is a native of Corning, NY, and after trying out a variety of cities, towns and states to live in, she is very happy to call Candor, NY her home.

Jodie is a self-taught artist who began oil painting 5 years ago said, “although I’ve been creating various forms of art since I was young. I’ve found that I need to have a creative outlet in order to feel complete”. She is a formally trained scientist, with degrees in Environmental Science, microbiology and Molecular Biology.  For her, painting is a type of meditation, a way to celebrate the natural beauty of her surroundings and the many life forms found here in rural upstate New York, and perhaps share them with others.

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