Lynn Capani Czebiniak-Dreamweaver Lynn Capani Czebiniak-Dreamweaver
Gary Rith Ceramics Gary Rith Ceramics
Janet Bunnell Collages Janet Bunnell - Collages
Lauren McCarthy Horses in Acrylic Lauren McCarthy's Horses in Acrylics
Hilltop Pottery vase Hilltop Pottery - Ceramic vase
Kim Paige - Red Tree Studio Keepsake Photo Pendant Kim Paige Keepsake Photo Pendant
Gallery Forty One Logo

Reminder: Artwalk on First Fridays

Reminder: Owego Artwalk has been moved to the 1st Friday of every month. So please join us on the following dates for a stroll through downtown Owego to get your fill of art and the Owego atmosphere!

January 3, February 7, March 7, April 4, May 2, June 6, July 4 (TBD), August 1, September 5, October 3, November 7, December 5.

Stay tuned for this year's list of featured artists and events for 2014.

 Susan Hammond Pysanky Egg  Carol Sunderwirth Photograph  Jerry Arbes woodworking

Diana Tillotson Window  Lauren McCarthy bracelets  Gary Rith ceramics

Welcome to Gallery Forty-One

Gallery Forty-One located in downtown Owego, NY, 2009's America's Coolest Small Town, is dedicated to:

  • Supporting a tradition of arts and crafts in the community
  • Providing exhibit space for local artists and crafts people
  • Sponsoring educational opportunities for youth and adults in developing their talent

What Does the Brick Logo stand for?

G41 Brick Logo Gallery Forty-One is located in the downtown historic district of Owego, NY.  If you look up at the front of our building, you will see the zig-zags and chain links of the logo incorporated into the facade of the building.  The G41 brick logo is inverted from what is on the building.  Stop by and check it out!