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Carol Sunderwirth

Artist statement/Biography: 

camera on tripod
Created for the love it!
The best way to get to the heart of why I take pictures is because I love to.
So my photographs are "Created for the love of it"!

Many scenes in nature invite capture -- trees with new-fallen snow or with the autumn’s last leaf hanging precariously, waiting for the wind to blow; the pathos of an empty swing on a lonesome branch; flowers, both rare and common; a frog; mountain trails and winding roads leading on and on into one’s imagination. From these phenomena, you can create for yourself their gifts of meaning.

Add butterflies, sticks, stones, birds, clouds .... I see pictures everywhere, even in situations which bristle with reminders of our world in jeopardy -- a towering stack belching beautiful billowing shapes of smoke rising to pollute the air, making me ponder the nature of the beauty seen in such threats to life. In death we pay tribute with lasting stone to mourn loved ones as cemeteries elicit a picture of contemplation and peace.

While taking photos, I witness beauty first hand. My cards and framed photographs are made to invite you along with me.

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Medium: Photography, Fiber
Keywords: Photo prints, cards, bookmarks, postcards, hand-painted scarves

Carol Sunderwirth